A Convention of the States Dangerous


Can you imagine the political hogwash that would come out of a Convention of  States to change the U.S. Constitution? Many states have already agreed to the idea in hopes of making honest federal politicians into a Congress for the good of all the people. Have they even read the Constitution? It has all the safeguards we need.

What we need is to obey the Constitution and laws that we do have or change some of the laws that benefit one person, one group or one party over another.

What we need is political parties that work together for the common good and laws that benefit and apply to all of us – including our politicians.

What we need is honest politicians like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison and James Monroe who truly worked for the common good before running for office.

What we need is educated voters that can think through a campaign and elect qualified politicians. When some of or half of the people see the Declaration of Independence on Facebook as a dangerous document against our current President Trump, we must start to teach the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in our grade schools and offer a free college education to all.

The Supreme Court was not helpful with ruling that a corporation is a person and free speech means we cannot control a corporation’s political contribution for a corporation’s greedy self-interest.

But if you think we can legislate morality in our politicians through a Convention of States, you must believe in Santa Clause, that the Earth is flat, and that the Sun and Moon are gods.


Donald’s Deny, Deny, Deny Defense Dumb


“The truth shall make you free” works better than “deny, deny, deny” and get caught in a lie.

Donald Sr. claiming there was no collusion with the Russians by his campaign team to beat Hillary in the Presidential election is a lie – as verified by emails of Donald Trump Jr. – Senior’s own son.

To think that Donald Trump did not know anything about it when His son, His son-in-law and His campaign manager met in Trump Tower with Russian operatives to discuss dirt on Hillary is stupid.

Remember that Donald Sr. must be in control of everything.

Remember that Donald Sr. during his campaign invited the Russians to come forth with emails and such against Hillary.

The only other Americans that I know of that collude with Russians are spies.

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Trump Fakes Time Cover

TRUMP FAKES TIME COVER ~ Trump By Trump by T. Rump – 6-27-17

Trump fakes his photo on a 2009 Time cover. Has them framed. And, displays them in several of his golf clubs. Who does that sort of thing?

What are we dealing with here? And, who voted for this nutcake?

Test Politicians for Drug Use


Our Wisconsin Assembly wants to test public aid recipients and now public aid businesses for drug use.

Why not include politicians? They are paid by us and work for us. They must be smoking or inhaling something with all the screwball ideas they come up with.

Election Hackers Raise Concerns

Election Hackers Raise Concerns – 6-23-17 – Trump By Trump by T. Rump

I do not know if my computer is hacked or not and I suspect most election officials don’t know either.

But we must get to the bottom of Russian interference.

It goes beyond not being able to imagine that anyone voted for Donald Trump in 2016. It goes to whether our voting machines can be hacked and voter info can be used by anyone to affect any election at any level of government.

Personally. I believe there should be a paper copy of our votes and they should be verified by hand count in any election.

The hacking of state and local election databases in 2016 was more extensive than previously reported.

A successful attempt to alter voter information did occur.

Theft of thousands of voter records that contain private information did occur.

A manipulation of voter data in a county database did occur, but the alterations were apparently discovered and rectified.

Congressional investigators are probing whether any of this stolen private information made its way to the Trump campaign and was used by the Trump campaign.

Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, referred questions regarding the investigations to Trump’s legal team, which did not respond to requests for comment.

Why does President Trump need a legal team on election questions if He and his staff are innocent of any wrong doing?

The real fear here is what can and what will Russian or other hackers do in future elections.

Twenty-one states saw hacker intrusions last year. We can assume Russia tried to intrude in all 50 states. Concern about the public confidence in the integrity of the electoral system is real.

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President Trump calls for new law barring immigrants from receiving welfare for 5 years. Trump and his supporters apparently do not know that is the law since Bill Clinton was President.

Trump received a standing ovation and pledged his administration would put the legislation into effect ‘very shortly’.

How dumb are we to fall for this bullshit?

To explain his appointment of billionaires to high office Trump said he does not want a poor person to run the economy.

How dumb are we?


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President Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. Trump has long maintained that he is not personally under investigation for collusion in His campaign with the Russians. Trump reportedly pressured former FBI Director James Comey to say so publicly. Comey testified Trump did ask him to drop the General Flynn case. When Comey did not, Trump fired him.

See: John Nichol’s “Obstruction of Justice Will Haunt Trump.


1st God Post

1ST GOD POST by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr, and Others

God: Hello World!

Adam & Eve: Hi! We are Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, Earth. Who are you?

God: I am your creator. I create things, every thing man has not created. In my notes and posts, I have posted many creations in collaboration with The Wise Prophet for you to read and enjoy and obey – if you are so inclined.  You will find in these notes my new commandments, prophecy, writings and selected works and I hope you will profit from them. Each selection is truly inspired by me or has inspired me.

In the Bible we heard that Adam ate of the Apple – of course because a snake had outsmarted Eve and got Eve to eat of the Apple first and Eve made Adam eat of the Apple. And as the story goes, I, God, got so mad I tagged all mankind with corruption and depravity now inherent in everyman, woman and child because of Adam’s original disobedience (ORIGINAL SIN).

And, if you believe that… you really need to read the rest of the my notes. You will be eating knowledge from an Apple (My Mac or iPad).

I demand nothing of man.

To me it is important that if you learn anything in life, you should learn that everyone thinks differently. I could have had you all think the same, but that would be very boring for you and for me. And, would result in too many voting for Republicans. So in your DNA I put little switches that will keep man forever trying to unravel our differences. Every once in awhile I switch switches.

If you think differently, that is OK, and you should start your own Blog or Website or FaceBook notes. Believe me that these FB and website ideas are great creations and my iPad is a marvel. I praise and thank man for his creations.

My Apple is so much easier than carving commandments in stone or on gold parchment. I do not know why I did not think of FB and the internet and iPads and computers a long, long time ago! Those commandments I carved in stone are not easy to change or add to. This is much easier to change. So I will now, occasionally, send new commandments or post new postings or make new notes thru The Wise Prophet.

See The Wise Prophet et al at GaryBahr.com.

10 New Commandments

10 NEW COMMANDMENTS by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr

1. THINK!  Think and know that others think differently. All the other original and revised commandments will fall into place if you think.

2. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  This is the greatest of commandments. Know that God loves you and/or others love you. This helps you believe in yourself and to love others.

3. BE RESPECTFUL.  Love and honor others including enemies. Respect all rules at home, school and work.

4. BE RESPONSIBLE. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for yourself. Be a self-starter. Do school work, chores, work and sports well. Earn extra credit, extra money and extra privileges. Do not kill, steal, swear falsely, commit adultery etc.

5. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU.  Want love and respect – give it! Family and friends are great treasures – be loyal to them.

6. CHOOSE HAPPINESS.  Happiness is a choice you can choose. Nothing can bring you lasting happiness. You already have happiness in you – enjoy it. Stop letting negative thinking interfere. Marry the right person helps.

7. CHOOSE HOW YOU REACT TO OTHERS.  Forgive others and yourself. Be generous and thankful. Be honest and loyal. No lying, sassing, name calling or vulgarities. Don’t argue. Recognize other opinions as good and then discuss your opinions.

8. KNOW THAT BAD ATTITUDE IS A MAJOR DISABILITY.  Quitters never win. Winners never quit. Avoid negative people, places, things and habits. Develop and maintain a good attitude. Work at what you enjoy. Enjoy what you work at. Be patient. Discipline yourself and improve your attitude. Make decisions knowing that even if you make a wrong decision, all you have to do is make another.

9. IF YOU MESS IT UP, CLEAN IT UP.  That includes your own room.

10. BUY NO JUNK.  Things do not make lasting happiness. Save.

See The Wise Prophet et al at  GaryBahr.com.