On the first day Gary Bahr created BahrWorks – light or enlightenment by sifting, winnowing and weaving his wacky, weird, well-meaning, wise, witty, writings in a web of inspirational words and works in 10 wonders of the world.

Gary Bahr is author, benefactor, creator, darling, editor, former saint, gabber, hacker, idealist, journalist, kidder, lover,  machiavellian, nature lover, observer, philosopher, prophet, publisher, questioner, romantic, satirist, thinker, universalist, vacillator, wacky, xoana, yippie, zealot and author of various BahrWorks and is known as the Author of the Universe for his universal thoughts and opinions. Choose your pleasure below. If you like it – enjoy, smile! If you don’t like it – write your own blog or website on wordpress.com.

~ Gary Bahr, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster.

BahrWorks by Gary Bahr:

1. GaryBahr.wordpress.com  – The website of Gary Bahr blogs and other works conceived, created, edited or arranged by Gary Bahr.

2. Bahr Custody On Trial (page) – Bahr Custody On Trial is Gary Bahr’s struggle to provide the best custody for his children in The Bahr Cases in Wisconsin. (A work in progress).

3. BahrWorks (page) – Gary Bahr page comments on anything, everything and nothing.

4. Do Not Mess With My Head (page) – Do Not Mess With My Head means no excuses for your bad behavior are acceptable. You choose how you act. Either you can help yourself, be helped, or be institutionalized – Gary Bahr.

5. R. U. Wacko (page).- Or, Are You Wacko? Not if you think like R. U. Wacko. 

6. The Bahr Story (page) ~ by Gary Bahr – The rest of the story, life and times of Gary Bahr for others to be inspired to write their story. In progress.

7. Trump By Trump (page) – To paraphrase Will Rodgers, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the President and report the facts” on Trump’s days in office.

8. The Wise Prophet (page) – The wisdom of God through The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr and others. See, anyone can be a prophet. 

9. The Word (page) – The Word according to Jesus in his own words arranged with logic in a 30 minute read as edited from the four gospels by Gary Bahr.

10. FairTaxes.wordpress.com – Stop taxes on property in Wisconsin with fair taxes and THE FAIR TAX PLAN. “I am not against taxes. I am against unfair taxes”. Everyone in their State or in the United States should have to pay taxes with no loopholes, no exemptions, no exceptions. The income tax rate can be progressive.] and the sales tax less than 4%. ~ Gary Bahr

11. The Bahr Bible – The Bible modified for important and briefness by Gary Bahr.

The End… for now…more or less! Always adding stuff.

Copyright 2015 to present *  BahrWorks  *  All Rights Reserved

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  1. You are the wisest man I know!


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