A Convention of the States Dangerous


Can you imagine the political hogwash that would come out of a Convention of  States to change the U.S. Constitution? Many states have already agreed to the idea in hopes of making honest federal politicians into a Congress for the good of all the people. Have they even read the Constitution? It has all the safeguards we need.

What we need is to obey the Constitution and laws that we do have or change some of the laws that benefit one person, one group or one party over another.

What we need is political parties that work together for the common good and laws that benefit and apply to all of us – including our politicians.

What we need is honest politicians like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison and James Monroe who truly worked for the common good before running for office.

What we need is educated voters that can think through a campaign and elect qualified politicians. When some of or half of the people see the Declaration of Independence on Facebook as a dangerous document against our current President Trump, we must start to teach the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in our grade schools and offer a free college education to all.

The Supreme Court was not helpful with ruling that a corporation is a person and free speech means we cannot control a corporation’s political contribution for a corporation’s greedy self-interest.

But if you think we can legislate morality in our politicians through a Convention of States, you must believe in Santa Clause, that the Earth is flat, and that the Sun and Moon are gods.


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