World Turned Off By Trump

WORLD TURNED OFF BY TRUMP ~ Trump By Trump by T. Rump – 5-30-2017

Trump and family took a vacation on us to the Middle East and Europe. Trump was exhausted by day one. And the world was tired of Him by day one.

The President received a cordial welcome but now that he’s returned to Washington, the foreign leaders are blunt in their reviews of Trump.

Trump’s anti North Atlantic alliance and climate change accord and outreach to Palestinians in pursuit of a Middle East peace agreement turned Europe or the Mideast off.

Trump hasn’t spoken about the trip publicly, avoided press conferences for the entire journey, but on Twitter, of course, He announced the mission a triumph.

The New French President Emmanuel Macron said his now-famous white-knuckled handshake with Trump was a deliberate attempt to demonstrate that he wouldn’t be bullied by the American president.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said Europe can no longer “fully rely” on the U.S. and on climate issues said it was “seven against one”.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is upset that American intelligence officials leaked information about the Manchester concert bombing to the media.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of warned that a Trump-brokered peace negotiation with the Palestinians “comes at a price.”

An Israeli TV station Trump shouted at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, “You tricked me!” – accusing the Palestinian Authority of inciting violence in the West Bank.

How to win friends, influence people and make a deal is an art.

Trump’s “America First” foreign policy alienated other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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Right Wing Intolerance

RIGHT WING INTOLERANCE ~ 5-29-17 ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump

Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the British Gauradian, gets slammed to the floor for asking Greg Gianforte his opinion of 23 million Americans losing health care under the Republican’s proposal.

Greg Gianforte, a Montana Republican running for Congress, was thereafter elected to office. Only in Montana? No, anywhere!

There is something wrong about this picture.

Greg’s response is that his aggressive behavior was caused by a liberal journalist.

Gianforte’s story is refuted by eyewitnesses – no less than a crew from Fox News, who describe the candidate grabbing Jacobs’ neck with both hands, slamming him to the floor, and punching him.

No matter the facts say his followers.

Not surprising after Donald Trump declared journalists “enemies of the people” – a play out the Hitler’s collection of speeches book Trump reportedly kept by his bedside.

Gianforte’s alleged assault is the latest addition to a growing body of evidence suggesting right-wing intolerance of facts and of even being questioned.

Intolerance and ignorance often go hand in hand.

In a political atmosphere of anything goes, goes anything.

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Trump To America: Please Impeach Me


Read the real news opinion above that is shared by all Democrats and many Republicans and Independents.

Donald Trump never expected to be President. He likes to be at home. He likes to call the shots and that works better in his own business than in politics. Why, did he run for President? I have long felt he wanted to be impeached and pardoned of all crimes by his Vice-President.

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The 7 Deadly Sins


by T. Rump, Trump By Trump

  1. PRIDE  – I am the greatest!
  2. GREED – I’ll pay you 40% of the contract or tie you up in court. I’ll go bankrupt after I bleed the company.
  3. ENVY – I love Putin. I read Hitler’s speeches.
  4. WRATH – I’ll build a wall with Mexico. I’ll stop Muslins from coming to our country. Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. I’ll sabotage all Obama did.
  5. SLOTH – I’m going golfing, bill the government.
  6. GLUTTONY – Let’s feast at my resort and bill the government.
  7. LUST – If she wasn’t my daughter, I would be dating her.

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Trump Has 10 Different Explanations For Firing Comey

Trump’s Has At Least 10 Different Reasons For Firing Comey ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 5-12-17

President Donald Trump has provided 10 Different reasons for his firing of Comey, the FBI Director heading up the Russian involvement with our 2016 presidential election and Trump’s Campaign.

The Justice Department pinned Comey’s firing to the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

10. Obama did it. He is evil and had Trump tapped per Trump. Trump has no proof Obama tapped him.

9. Hillary did it. She is angry that Trump said her 3.5 million votes more than Trump is “fake news”.

8. Atty General Jeffrey Sessions recommended it. Sessions recused himself from involvement in the Russian investigation because he had contacts with Russians.

7. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended it. He may want Comey’s job. But, Trump claimed that Sessions and Rosenstein didn’t influence his decision at all. Trump had already made up his mind. He is the boss.

6. Trump said that Comey was “not doing his job” and did not do a good job on Hillary’s email misuse despite Trump’s praise of Comey in the past.. 

5. Trump said Comey “was not able to effectively lead the bureau.” Andrew McCabe, the new temporary FBI head, said  “The vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey,” McCabe said, which continues “to this day.”

4. FBI Director James Comey’s false testimony that a top Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, forwarded “hundreds and thousands” of emails involving her boss was wrong. Apparently she forwarded very few emails to her boyfriend Weiner.

3. Comey a few days prior to his firing reportedly had asked for additional funds and personnel to investigate the Trump/Russian connections. Meanwhile Trump met Wednesday with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, who has been a central figure in the election investigation. Only a Russian news source was allowed at the meeting.

2. Comey never provided the President with any assurance of personal loyalty. Is Comey to be loyal to the country or to Trump?

1. T. Rump favors Investigating the Russian role in our 2016 Election, refuses to pledge his loyalty to Trump, and was opposed to the firing of Comey by Trump during an investigation of Trump’s aides and campaign personnel.

More reasons for the firing will be added as they occur.

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Order On Religious Liberty

ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump

I have long feared going to church and hearing the minister talk of a devil going to get me if I don’t return next Sunday and give 10% of my income to the church.

First of all I give 100% of my income to my wife – who deserves it; and with who I prefer to spend my Sunday’s with.

Then, there is my fear of my hearing the minister endorse someone for President or town mayor or that abortion is wrong and dropping bombs on moms and unborn children in the name of God is O.K.

I simply do not want my religion and someone’s politics mixed. The easy fix for me is not to go to church.

In fact, in my mind, separation of church and state is broken when the state sets up a separate tax policy for a small or big business church. If a church is spending its income on doing good, there is no income tax to report and all works out on income tax. However, if a church builds a building they should pay the same property tax as a similar building. If the church buys a piano, it should pay a sales tax just like I would.

President Trump’s recent Executive Order on Religious Liberty has no effect on my religious liberty. It does no more than endorse the IRS looking the other way when a minister endorses a candidate – which the IRS has done for decades anyway.

Trump’s Executive Orders have been little more than photo ops for a President wanting for attention complete with smiling cronies surrounding him while He signs the order in massive swings of a pen and holds the order up as if to say “look at me” and “I am great”.

Back to Religion, Jesus was a great teacher – fact. Look to his teachings – good.

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How Was Flynn Picked As NSA?

HOW WAS FLYNN PICKED AS NSA? ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to know why and how you picked General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser in the first place.

Did you not vet him? He seemed to be tagged as asking to accept payment from Russia and other foreign Governments in violation of the law, and was in contact with the Russians during Your campaign and just prior to Your taking office.

Either you were blind to his illegal activities and ignoring his disqualifications, or You felt You had to pick him as You had no choice as Flynn new too much.

It is now said that the Trump insiders knew Flynn was under investigation when he was hired.


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