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ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump

I have long feared going to church and hearing the minister talk of a devil going to get me if I don’t return next Sunday and give 10% of my income to the church.

First of all I give 100% of my income to my wife – who deserves it; and with who I prefer to spend my Sunday’s with.

Then, there is my fear of my hearing the minister endorse someone for President or town mayor or that abortion is wrong and dropping bombs on moms and unborn children in the name of God is O.K.

I simply do not want my religion and someone’s politics mixed. The easy fix for me is not to go to church.

In fact, in my mind, separation of church and state is broken when the state sets up a separate tax policy for a small or big business church. If a church is spending its income on doing good, there is no income tax to report and all works out on income tax. However, if a church builds a building they should pay the same property tax as a similar building. If the church buys a piano, it should pay a sales tax just like I would.

President Trump’s recent Executive Order on Religious Liberty has no effect on my religious liberty. It does no more than endorse the IRS looking the other way when a minister endorses a candidate – which the IRS has done for decades anyway.

Trump’s Executive Orders have been little more than photo ops for a President wanting for attention complete with smiling cronies surrounding him while He signs the order in massive swings of a pen and holds the order up as if to say “look at me” and “I am great”.

Back to Religion, Jesus was a great teacher – fact. Look to his teachings – good.

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