A Convention of the States Dangerous


Can you imagine the political hogwash that would come out of a Convention of  States to change the U.S. Constitution? Many states have already agreed to the idea in hopes of making honest federal politicians into a Congress for the good of all the people. Have they even read the Constitution? It has all the safeguards we need.

What we need is to obey the Constitution and laws that we do have or change some of the laws that benefit one person, one group or one party over another.

What we need is political parties that work together for the common good and laws that benefit and apply to all of us – including our politicians.

What we need is honest politicians like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison and James Monroe who truly worked for the common good before running for office.

What we need is educated voters that can think through a campaign and elect qualified politicians. When some of or half of the people see the Declaration of Independence on Facebook as a dangerous document against our current President Trump, we must start to teach the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in our grade schools and offer a free college education to all.

The Supreme Court was not helpful with ruling that a corporation is a person and free speech means we cannot control a corporation’s political contribution for a corporation’s greedy self-interest.

But if you think we can legislate morality in our politicians through a Convention of States, you must believe in Santa Clause, that the Earth is flat, and that the Sun and Moon are gods.


Donald’s Deny, Deny, Deny Defense Dumb


“The truth shall make you free” works better than “deny, deny, deny” and get caught in a lie.

Donald Sr. claiming there was no collusion with the Russians by his campaign team to beat Hillary in the Presidential election is a lie – as verified by emails of Donald Trump Jr. – Senior’s own son.

To think that Donald Trump did not know anything about it when His son, His son-in-law and His campaign manager met in Trump Tower with Russian operatives to discuss dirt on Hillary is stupid.

Remember that Donald Sr. must be in control of everything.

Remember that Donald Sr. during his campaign invited the Russians to come forth with emails and such against Hillary.

The only other Americans that I know of that collude with Russians are spies.

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Trump Fakes Time Cover

TRUMP FAKES TIME COVER ~ Trump By Trump by T. Rump – 6-27-17

Trump fakes his photo on a 2009 Time cover. Has them framed. And, displays them in several of his golf clubs. Who does that sort of thing?

What are we dealing with here? And, who voted for this nutcake?

Election Hackers Raise Concerns

Election Hackers Raise Concerns – 6-23-17 – Trump By Trump by T. Rump

I do not know if my computer is hacked or not and I suspect most election officials don’t know either.

But we must get to the bottom of Russian interference.

It goes beyond not being able to imagine that anyone voted for Donald Trump in 2016. It goes to whether our voting machines can be hacked and voter info can be used by anyone to affect any election at any level of government.

Personally. I believe there should be a paper copy of our votes and they should be verified by hand count in any election.

The hacking of state and local election databases in 2016 was more extensive than previously reported.

A successful attempt to alter voter information did occur.

Theft of thousands of voter records that contain private information did occur.

A manipulation of voter data in a county database did occur, but the alterations were apparently discovered and rectified.

Congressional investigators are probing whether any of this stolen private information made its way to the Trump campaign and was used by the Trump campaign.

Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, referred questions regarding the investigations to Trump’s legal team, which did not respond to requests for comment.

Why does President Trump need a legal team on election questions if He and his staff are innocent of any wrong doing?

The real fear here is what can and what will Russian or other hackers do in future elections.

Twenty-one states saw hacker intrusions last year. We can assume Russia tried to intrude in all 50 states. Concern about the public confidence in the integrity of the electoral system is real.

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President Trump calls for new law barring immigrants from receiving welfare for 5 years. Trump and his supporters apparently do not know that is the law since Bill Clinton was President.

Trump received a standing ovation and pledged his administration would put the legislation into effect ‘very shortly’.

How dumb are we to fall for this bullshit?

To explain his appointment of billionaires to high office Trump said he does not want a poor person to run the economy.

How dumb are we?


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President Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. Trump has long maintained that he is not personally under investigation for collusion in His campaign with the Russians. Trump reportedly pressured former FBI Director James Comey to say so publicly. Comey testified Trump did ask him to drop the General Flynn case. When Comey did not, Trump fired him.

See: John Nichol’s “Obstruction of Justice Will Haunt Trump.


Our Apprentice President

OUR APPRENTICE PRESIDENT ~ Trump By Trump By T. Rump – 6-1017

Going from the weekly The Apprentice TV show to daily The Apprentice President show has been a difficult transition for me as I never saw The Apprentice TV Show. It must be a comedy like in The White House.

Politics takes a thick-skinned, intelligent and compromising person. Unlike running a real estate business as a Tyrant – you have to talk nice to other people in politics.

In Trump’s world of deals and loyalty or threats to force others to do what he wants does not work well in politics. If you do not do as he says He can fire you. Even if you do what you say by contract He can threaten to pay you 40% of the amount due or His attorneys will tie you up in court.

In politics the Constitution rules and the norms get in Trump’s way.

Trump does not understand that agency heads are people too. Trump thought He could change the rules of a legal investigation and no court or legislative branch could control Him. Comey worked at the will of the President, but had a primary responsibility to the Public – Trump cannot begin to understand that as everyone must be loyal to Him. So, as head of the FBI, Comey can’t just give up the Flynn thing for the President even at risk of being fired. It is an FBI thing.

Frankly, everything Trump does or says makes me uncomfortable.

For me, the people are the employer and Trump is the employee until the people demand otherwise or vote for someone else at the next election. Or, our Republican politicians while in the majority begin impeachment in fear of losing the next election.

The debate is whether Trump is dangerous because he’s an authoritarian or because he’s incompetent or both.

Trump does not listen. He does not read. He does not understand. He does not care to change or learn. He does not care about others. He makes promises. He breaks promises. He tweets. He does stupid things. Because, He is Donald Trump.

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The Trump Derangement Syndrome

THE TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME – Trump By Trump By T. Rump – 6-10-17

For those of us who voted for Trump and wanted change – well, we got crazy.

Trump suffers from what Charles Krauthammer, who writes for The Washington Post, has called the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” or general hysteria and the inability to distinguish between legitimate policy differences and psychic pathology.

Trump does not think and does not listen. His only concern is that He appear to be the greatest in His own mind.

Trump’s unfiltered tweets are disturbing. They erase normal. For me, I need more that 140 spaces too explain what I am thinking. On the other hand, the President does not think beyond 140 spaces. I said in one of my first blogs – his thinking is extremely shallow.

An example of The Trump Derangement Syndrome is Trump’s mocking the mayor of London after the most recent terror attack. The president should have expressed sympathy. But, Trump could not stop there. He had to renew an old feud with a minor British official. He had to support His travel ban. He had to attack His own Justice Department for having “watered down” His original executive order in a second executive order that He signed. And, He had to  undermine His own case for the travel ban as it goes to the Supreme Court. He had to announce in a tweet that the administration was already doing extreme vetting that was the whole premise for His travel ban.

If you have vetting in place (and it was under Obama) – why the need for His temporary travel ban? And why undermine your whole case for the ban?

Now that is just plain crazy.

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Trump Time Out

TRUMP TIME OUT ~ Trump By Trump by T. Rump – 6.2017

When your President acts like a child and is out of order, it is time for a  time out for Trump for a time.

As he has done so many anti-social things I am giving him a 30 day timeout on Facebook only. I will continue the wealth of material to comment on about Trump on my blog.

What else can I say about Trump that already has not been said? What else can he do to get impeached. Hillary would have been impeached by now for emailing her dog or husband.

Like the parrot I use to have, I would like to cover Trump up with a black cage cover.

Instead, for 30 days, until after my daughter’s wedding, I am going to withhold any coverage of Trump by me on Facebook. It will be most difficult to not say any thing. I may cave by tomorrow.  It will be up to Trump to do something really stupid to make me comment on Facebook. However, friends may keep saying things and sending posts to my Facebook page.

This policy is likely to drive Trump completely crazy as I will not be paying any attention too him on Facebook. And, if all news sources follow suit, He may quit His balogny. Wishfull thinking I believe.

Also, I will get a haircut, which I would recommend for Trump. I will get a $600 suit for $192, new shoes, new tie and shirt to celebrate not enjoying commenting on Trump as it has not made him keep his mouth shut and Twitters extinct anyway.

My wife thinks I need the new things for 5-8 hours of party time. I have not got a new suit since my daughter’s wedding in California which I wore that one time only for 5-8 hours.

Either suit will be fine for my funeral so it does not matter if it is Navy Blue or Grey as it will be turned to ashes with me.

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