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OUR APPRENTICE PRESIDENT ~ Trump By Trump By T. Rump – 6-1017

Going from the weekly The Apprentice TV show to daily The Apprentice President show has been a difficult transition for me as I never saw The Apprentice TV Show. It must be a comedy like in The White House.

Politics takes a thick-skinned, intelligent and compromising person. Unlike running a real estate business as a Tyrant – you have to talk nice to other people in politics.

In Trump’s world of deals and loyalty or threats to force others to do what he wants does not work well in politics. If you do not do as he says He can fire you. Even if you do what you say by contract He can threaten to pay you 40% of the amount due or His attorneys will tie you up in court.

In politics the Constitution rules and the norms get in Trump’s way.

Trump does not understand that agency heads are people too. Trump thought He could change the rules of a legal investigation and no court or legislative branch could control Him. Comey worked at the will of the President, but had a primary responsibility to the Public – Trump cannot begin to understand that as everyone must be loyal to Him. So, as head of the FBI, Comey can’t just give up the Flynn thing for the President even at risk of being fired. It is an FBI thing.

Frankly, everything Trump does or says makes me uncomfortable.

For me, the people are the employer and Trump is the employee until the people demand otherwise or vote for someone else at the next election. Or, our Republican politicians while in the majority begin impeachment in fear of losing the next election.

The debate is whether Trump is dangerous because he’s an authoritarian or because he’s incompetent or both.

Trump does not listen. He does not read. He does not understand. He does not care to change or learn. He does not care about others. He makes promises. He breaks promises. He tweets. He does stupid things. Because, He is Donald Trump.

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