The Trump Derangement Syndrome

THE TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME – Trump By Trump By T. Rump – 6-10-17

For those of us who voted for Trump and wanted change – well, we got crazy.

Trump suffers from what Charles Krauthammer, who writes for The Washington Post, has called the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” or general hysteria and the inability to distinguish between legitimate policy differences and psychic pathology.

Trump does not think and does not listen. His only concern is that He appear to be the greatest in His own mind.

Trump’s unfiltered tweets are disturbing. They erase normal. For me, I need more that 140 spaces too explain what I am thinking. On the other hand, the President does not think beyond 140 spaces. I said in one of my first blogs – his thinking is extremely shallow.

An example of The Trump Derangement Syndrome is Trump’s mocking the mayor of London after the most recent terror attack. The president should have expressed sympathy. But, Trump could not stop there. He had to renew an old feud with a minor British official. He had to support His travel ban. He had to attack His own Justice Department for having “watered down” His original executive order in a second executive order that He signed. And, He had to  undermine His own case for the travel ban as it goes to the Supreme Court. He had to announce in a tweet that the administration was already doing extreme vetting that was the whole premise for His travel ban.

If you have vetting in place (and it was under Obama) – why the need for His temporary travel ban? And why undermine your whole case for the ban?

Now that is just plain crazy.

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