Trump Time Out

TRUMP TIME OUT ~ Trump By Trump by T. Rump – 6.2017

When your President acts like a child and is out of order, it is time for a  time out for Trump for a time.

As he has done so many anti-social things I am giving him a 30 day timeout on Facebook only. I will continue the wealth of material to comment on about Trump on my blog.

What else can I say about Trump that already has not been said? What else can he do to get impeached. Hillary would have been impeached by now for emailing her dog or husband.

Like the parrot I use to have, I would like to cover Trump up with a black cage cover.

Instead, for 30 days, until after my daughter’s wedding, I am going to withhold any coverage of Trump by me on Facebook. It will be most difficult to not say any thing. I may cave by tomorrow.  It will be up to Trump to do something really stupid to make me comment on Facebook. However, friends may keep saying things and sending posts to my Facebook page.

This policy is likely to drive Trump completely crazy as I will not be paying any attention too him on Facebook. And, if all news sources follow suit, He may quit His balogny. Wishfull thinking I believe.

Also, I will get a haircut, which I would recommend for Trump. I will get a $600 suit for $192, new shoes, new tie and shirt to celebrate not enjoying commenting on Trump as it has not made him keep his mouth shut and Twitters extinct anyway.

My wife thinks I need the new things for 5-8 hours of party time. I have not got a new suit since my daughter’s wedding in California which I wore that one time only for 5-8 hours.

Either suit will be fine for my funeral so it does not matter if it is Navy Blue or Grey as it will be turned to ashes with me.

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