World Turned Off By Trump

WORLD TURNED OFF BY TRUMP ~ Trump By Trump by T. Rump – 5-30-2017

Trump and family took a vacation on us to the Middle East and Europe. Trump was exhausted by day one. And the world was tired of Him by day one.

The President received a cordial welcome but now that he’s returned to Washington, the foreign leaders are blunt in their reviews of Trump.

Trump’s anti North Atlantic alliance and climate change accord and outreach to Palestinians in pursuit of a Middle East peace agreement turned Europe or the Mideast off.

Trump hasn’t spoken about the trip publicly, avoided press conferences for the entire journey, but on Twitter, of course, He announced the mission a triumph.

The New French President Emmanuel Macron said his now-famous white-knuckled handshake with Trump was a deliberate attempt to demonstrate that he wouldn’t be bullied by the American president.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said Europe can no longer “fully rely” on the U.S. and on climate issues said it was “seven against one”.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is upset that American intelligence officials leaked information about the Manchester concert bombing to the media.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of warned that a Trump-brokered peace negotiation with the Palestinians “comes at a price.”

An Israeli TV station Trump shouted at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, “You tricked me!” – accusing the Palestinian Authority of inciting violence in the West Bank.

How to win friends, influence people and make a deal is an art.

Trump’s “America First” foreign policy alienated other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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