“America First” – And the First Shall Be Last

“AMERICA FIRST” – AND THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 1-2017

The Bible states that “The first shall be last” and the “America First” approach by President Trumps orders may just make America last in the world.

Countries will respond to our President’ s superiority approach with resentment and reciprocal actions leaving vacuums in respect for our previous world leadership.

Russia and China and Germany and Japan will be willing to fill the void creates by the chaos and uncertainty being created throughout the world.

You will remember that the world thought us were a little crazy to elect and re-elect President George W. Bush. However, President Bush did not antagonise most everyone and is beginning to look much better as a President.

There are some good things in President Trump’s orders that a moderate approach could accomplish. There is nothing wrong with improving the vetting of immigrants if needed.

Whatever we do will create a response by other people and nations.

Someone needs to vet the orders of Trump before they are drafted, before the chaos, before the unwanted response, before the constitutional reversals.

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