Dow Hits 20,000

DOW HITS 20,000  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

The good news. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a 20,000 milestone – part of the long bull market since the depths of the financial crisis – or what I always called the The Great Bush Recession.

Who is helped – the rich who own and control the stock market. Who will be bailed out in the next great recession – the rich who own and control the stock market and the politicians.

Those who thought Trump would save us from control by the wealthy only need to look at the people he is placing in control of the government – the billionaires.

The wealthy have faith that Trump will deregulate business and reduce taxes, and stocks will go up. But, remember it was the de-regulation of banks and insurance companies that got us into the Great Bush Recession in 2008.

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