“Not Good”, “Total Disaster”

“NOT GOOD”, “TOTAL DISASTER” ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

President Trump does not even know how to talk to our Allies. Not good. A total disaster.

First, he had a “not good” phone talk with the Mexican President after having told everyone it would not be good for the Mexican President to visit him if the guy was not going to build the wall Trump wants and pay for it.

Then Trump launched a “not good” attack on Australia.

Mexico and Australia are our allies, stupid.  Russia is not an ally, stupid. I suppose for an inexperienced President it may be easy to mix up our friends and foes.

Chewing out the Australian President over a previous refugee agreement between us was “not good” – per Trump it was the “worst deal ever,” and the  “worst” phone call. The call ended abruptly.

It was left to John McCain to remind us that Australian soldiers have been fighting and dying with Americans for a century.

What’s the matter with Trump”? Clearly he is not good. He acts like a spoiled 13-year old brat – not good. It can all be explained as a Narcissistic Disorder and beyond that he seems to be stupid – a total disaster, not good. He makes Obama look like a Saint and George W. Bush look like a rocket scientist.

Ticking off our Allies is not making America Great again or Safe again – not good.

This week he put Iran “On Notice”. What the hell does that mean? Like Trump’s hands, he has the biggest bomb.

Apparently he put Arnold Schwarzenegger on notice as “a total disaster’ on Trump’s old “The Apprentice” reality show which Arnold is now the star. On real! “Not Good”. Arnold may be tougher than Iran.

“Total disaster” and “not good” are Trump’s phrases to describe most anything. They are now my phrase to describe Trump.

Pray for the better from Trump.

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