The Wall

THE WALL ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 2-2017

Under Trump building a Wall between us and Mexico will keep Mexican and Muslims out. The truth is the border was closed by Obama, probably to the extent it can be, in order to get a comprehensive immigration bill. The wall Trump proposes will be paid for not by Mexico but by our taxes and then paid for again by us on a tariff on Mexican goods.

The truth is a wall can be climbed and tunneled under.

The border has not been closed by Republicans because big farmers and big business need the Mexican workers to do the jobs that many U.S. workers do not want to do. Big ag and businesses need these workers.

A big farmer in Wisconsin says he needs Mexican workers to help run his farm as white people do not want to work long hours on a farm.

Can the wall be built? If it is it may slow down breaches of the wall for 10 minutes.

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