Totally Not Good – Very, Very Bad

TOTALLY NOT GOOD – VERY, VERY BAD ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 2-2017

Daily drama and confusion prevail in the Trump administration.

Should we buy Trumps daughter’s fashion line or march against Nordstrom?

Is General Michael Flynn – Trump’s National Security Adviser – too friendly with Russia? Did he lie about conversations with Russia before Trump took office?

Will White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway influence Trump more now that she is promoting Ivanka Trump products. Conway was accused of violating ethics rules by putting in a plug to buy Trump’s daughter’s fashion line.

Who is funnier – Melissa McCarthy on SNL portraying Sean or the real Press Secretary Sean Spicer? Sean Spicer said Conway had been “counseled” which Trump did not like.

The Trump administration claims there is abundant evidence of “enormous evidence” of voter fraud.  And where is this evidence? Why even bring it up when you won?

“Saturday Night Live” is loving the Trump administration for weekly material for it’s political parody. But, Trump was upset that Spicer was being portrayed on SNL by a “woman”. What?

As a campaign, Trump created confusion. As President, Trump creates confusion. No surprise here.

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