Trump Campaign 2020

TRUMP CAMPAIGN 2020 ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

Donald Trump has announced his 2020 campaign. Perhaps 2 to 3 years early. Now your donations can be funneled to his businesses. 12.5 million dollars of his last campaign contributions were funneled to his businesses.

The new campaign sounds like his old campaign – “amazing job”,

“very, very sad”, “very, very bad”, “very, very beautiful”, “so devastated”, “so amazing”,  “what an honor”, “so very special”, “very good”, “very bad”, “so sad” and “total disaster”.

If these thoughts seem shallow, it is because they are shallow. You have heard the Trump speeches. There is no deep thinking. When he uses the teleprompter the words sound more thoughtful because someone more thoughtful wrote them for him.

Indeed, he is our President and you must now wonder how is this possible.

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