Trump Needs Love

TRUMP JUST NEEDS LOVE, DON’T WE ALL  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

It is obvious that Donald Trump needed love as a child more than a boy’s school.  It is obvious that President Trump needs love now. He demands love.

He has to have the largest crowd ever, more than a black President, more than a woman’s march. That would prove to him that he is most loved even thought he has the lowest approval rate of any President in scores of years – at 40%.

You cannot get love by order or decree or by shouting you are the greatest. You must earn the love of others. You must do great things. You must be great.

I wish the President the greatest success as President for all the people. A poor alternative fast start is not the same as good slow start. Shallow orders are not the same as good laws. Alternative facts are not the same as truth.

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