Trump Represses Press

TRUMP RERESSES PRESS  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

Trump is very hostile to reporters and blames newspapers and news commentators for his problems with his executive orders that go overboard when all the press does is point out what is wrong with his orders.

News people in America have kept Presidents from doing a lot of harm for hundreds of years and are essential to our democracy. Trump wants to repress the press. His top aide called it the opposition party.

Dictators everywhere repress the press.

Since 1980, we have accepted 3 million refugees. Since 1980, we have had vigorous screening. Not onerefugee has killed anyone in a terrorist attack. All this was true before Trump’s refugee ban in January 2016.

Why the ban? Trump during his campaign claimed there was a problem and only he could fix it.

But Trump screwed things up badly with a quick-no-thought-ban on people with legitimate visas and green cards. His inadequate ban never mentioned what to do with visa holders and Green Card holders and only created mass confusion. Agencies that enforce immigration were not given adequate notice. This was from a man who claims to be the smartest.

Citizens in the U.S. are 48 times more likely to be hit by an asteroid than killed by a refugee.

Since Trump’s immigration order, the ACLU – who protects the rights of people in the U.S. – have been busy.

The ban appears to be religious based against Muslims and could alienate Muslim-Americans allies who are crucial to protecting and thwarting homegrown terrorist attacks.

The problem, once again, Trump offers shallow thinking – my assessment of Trump right after his announcement to run for the Presidency. I had hoped for more from him than he seems to be able to deliver.

A new order was promised during the Trump campaign and disorder seems to be the rule or more of the old “shock and awe” theme of the Iraq war.

Most President’s rely on long-held beliefs. Most Presidents lean on a think tank if they lack deep thinking. If you plan to disrupt the establishment, you must prepare for the disruption among established Democrats, established Republicans and the established Bureaucrats.

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