What About Conway?

WHAT ABOUT CONWAY? ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 2-2017

There were few doubts about General Flynn’s credibility until he was vetted about his Russian connections and what the Russians may know to make Flynn vulnerable. More extreme vetting is needed.

There have been many concerns about White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s credibility and she was not extremely vetted by President Trump before giving her the job of selling the President’s agenda and blaming the press for any of his missteps.

Imitating her boss as a professional con artist was easy as she is a professional con artist too who uses the press to press her lies about a lying administration. Perhaps they all don’t mean to daily get caught in lies, but they do. They are politicians and politicians lie.

“Saturday Night Live” and night show comedians are grateful for all the confusion in the White House. The reality is funny if it were not so sad.

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