What About the Wall

WHAT ABOUT THE WALL  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

If you live in Texas along the Rio Grande with no Border Patrol agents or checkpoints in sight, you could soon be staring at a Wall and not the river and mountains and deserts.

You may notice a well-worn path coming out of the river where Mexicans come to cross and even work for large fruit, vegetable and dairy farms. Many are needed workers for these industries.

A previous fence during George W. Bush’s Presidency left big holes for owners to access their land. There are scenic views, canyons, desert and mountains.

Many feel a wall is not a deterrent – it just slows down the migrants and immigrants. You would need people watching the wall day and night to stop some of them.

Border Agents have discovered more than 29 tunnels in the past decade -some tunnels are 70 feet below the earth’s surface. A wall will not stop the tunnels, the wire cutters, the planes, the boats or the ladders or ropes from getting under, through, over or around the barrier.

Of the 1900-mile border, 700 miles are fenced or walled. Patched holes in the fences are a common sight. 1250 miles of the border are in Texas with only 100 miles of fence or walls.

To some, the wall is not necessary, will cost a ton of money and look dumb. Some believe the remote canyons and rivers already act as an “effective barrier” with Mexico. Modern sensors and manpower may do a better job.

How about making Mexico the 51st state? We would get oil, 122 million new citizens, a small manageable southern border and some new beaches.

This is the truth. These are not “alternative facts”.

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