Putin Taps Trump for President

PUTIN TAPS TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT  ~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump   – 3/2017

Russian President Putin tapped Donald Trump for President of the United States and Trump cannot figure out why.

1. One reason is Putin thought Hillary Clinton and her people would run a very efficient government for the people and Trump could not.

2. Putin knew Hillary Clinton was tough on Putin and Russia and Trump was the only person in the United States to praise Putin.

3. Russians could talk to Trump and Trump people and they would not admit that Russia was influencing and interfering in the election.

4. Putin thought Trump would be a more authoritarian dictator.

5. Putin thought Hillary was very smart.

6. Putin thought Trump was very dumb.

7. Putin could see that Trump was narcissistic, anti-social, paranoid and incompetent.

8. Putin liked Trump’s anti Obama, anti Hillary, anti blacks, anti Jewish, anti handicapped, anti Mexicans, anti muslims, anti the free press, anti the truth and anti women thinking.

9. Trump lied to the people.

10. Trump attacks the Free Press.

11. Trump would look like a fool compared to Putin as President of their countries.

12. Trump always blamed others for his problems.

13.Trump on national television invited Russian involvement in the election and to find Hillary Clinton ‘s deleted emails for Trump.

14. Trump would be an embarrassment to the World and to democratic countries and allies.

15. Trump would be way-over-his-head in a political environment and may constantly bad decisions based on his 13-year-old spoiled brat behavior.

16. Respect for the Presidency of the United States and the United States would diminish under Trump and would grow under the influence of a very qualified woman Presidency.

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