Republicans Say The Damnedest Things

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

Republican politicians say the damnedest things sometimes – outright hypocrisy,  every now and then, and often dishonest. President Trump has just made it worse.

Now, Republicans preach principals that quickly give way in order to achieve their real goal of cutting taxes for their rich contributors and cutting spending on the less fortunate.
Conservatives preach words like liberty and freedom – meaning freedom of choice in economic situations. Not the right to choose an abortion but the right to choose your own insurance if you have the money.
Under Republicans, “freedom” means a business can discriminate in customers or hiring based on race or nationality or religion or a busines may choose to pollute and sell unsafe products.
The Affordable Care Act put limits on the kind of contracts insurance companies could write. Shame on Democrats. Better to buy insurance that seems to say you are covered and get to the hospital and find you are not covered. Republicans believe people have the freedom to be uninsured.
Under Republicans, there would be no government-mandated minimum wage. It’s “freedom” and best for business!“America First” means only Republicans understand what is best for America even if not best for Americans. Obama was too worldly in his art of the deal with Iran because he allowed Iran to get some of what they wanted. Republicans feel good faith dealing is not good.
For Republicans, apologizing for errors Americans made is wrong. America – love it or leave it or move to Russia.
Until, of course, Donald Trump responds to a description of Russia’s president as a murderer saying that “we’ve got a lot of killers,” too, and asking: “What, do you think our country’s so innocent?” Republicans should have been outraged.
We know that Russia intervened in the election on Trump’s behalf, and we know that Trump’s closest advisors have had very close contacts with the Russian government – where is “America First”! Where is the Republican outrage.
Where are the Democrats saying to Trump supporters, “If you like Trump so much, why don’t you move to Russia?”
Republicans talk local control but would have a national anti-abortion law.Republicans talk pro life yet start wars and drop bombs on women with child, children and innocent people.
Regressive tax and spending cuts are what Republicans are all about and  allowing business to scam consumers, exploit workers, and control women’s bodies is “Freedom”.
But Republican core beliefs are really unpopular. Trump just makes it more unpopular. The voters were conned and may not yet know it. They will be conned until they become educated enough to know a con is a con.

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