Trump Strike Number One

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 4-6-2017

President Trump struck with a barrage of missiles the Syrian airport suspected of launching the chemical gas on Syrian civilians that killed dozens including children.

59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired. 58 hit their targets according to initial radar assessments. However, discussion has begun that Syrian had warning and airplanes were moved and that planes were coming and going from the airport just after the attack.

Russia condemned the attack as unnecessary. Hillary Clinton before hand had approved the attack but would have hit more airports and military targets in addition.

Syria used banned chemical weapons which violates obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and has ignored UN Security Council.

The President was visibly and publicly moved by the images of this week’s chemical weapons attack, especially the dying children.
Obama will likely be blamed for rising oil prices.
Personally, I think if the United Nations feels military actions should be taken in another country, that we should lend our fair support and pay our share. Otherwise, we should not try to be the policemen of the world by ourselves.
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