Trump Voter Fraud A Fraud

TRUMP VOTER FRAUD A FRAUD ~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

Remember when President Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton’s supporters committed massive voter fraud and that He would have won the popular vote if it weren’t for those 3-5 million illegal votes?

It too was a lie. Trump presented no evidence.

Clinton had over 3 million more votes than Trump, but lost in the electoral college.

The truth is Russia committed an illicit offensive to influence the election and Trump was the beneficiary.

This is huge and demands the appointment of a special prosecutor. Republicans should be leading the effort for an impartial special prosecutor.

Sen. John McCain, have called for an aggressive investigation of Russian interference in the election, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and all Trump aids and son-in-law.

Denials, Denials and lies rule. Get Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor lied. Attorney General Sessions lied. The fact is that several Trump’s allies and campaign surrogates met with Russians here and abroad. Why? A Special Prosecutor could find out.

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