Experts say millions of people will lose the coverage they now have. Trump had promised “We’re going to have insurance for everybody” — with coverage that would be “much less expensive and much better.”

The ACA would be repealed as promised.

Medicaid would end expansion in 2020.
Many state governments, faced with limited budgets, would be forced to cut benefits or cover fewer people.

The GOP plan would greatly reduce the ACA’s subsidies.

Insurers would be allowed to charge older people five times as much as younger people.

The current mandate that requires nearly everybody to obtain insurance or pay a penalty would be replaced with insurers being allowed to charge people who don’t maintain their insurance 30 percent more for coverage, forever. Under Trump Care, People would have a strong financial incentive to buy insurance only when they got sick.

The rich win. The workers lose. Businesses and individuals making more than $200,000 a year who now help fund Obamacare would get tax cuts totaling about $600 billion over 10 years. Leave it to Republicans to benefit the rich.

Some think giving the rich tax cuts benefits workers with jobs, higher pay and benefits, but we have not seen any such benefits.

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