Trumpcare Betrays Trump Supporters


~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

Remember when Donald Trump said his health care would be better, cheaper and cover everyone.

He lied. It is no plan, it is more expensive and it will cover 24,000,000 less voters. Trump conned every supporter. Conclusion is Trumpcare hurts mostly  the very people who voted for Trump.

Supporters of Trump, it is OK to admit you were conned. Republicans are good at it. They work for their rich contributors.

Trumpcare will make the richer richer by slashing their taxes by 100’s of billion dollars.

Republicans promised that their replacement plan of the Affordable Care Act would cut costs and give us the freedom of choice -i.e. freedom of insurance company to offer more plans ar higher prices.

Republicans had no plan. After several years of claiming the AFC act was bad, they have no agreement among Republicans on what a plan should be.

Republicans have boxed themselves in. They can vote for their Trumpcare  plan and lose the 2018 elections or they can not vote for their Trumpcare plan and lose the 2018 election. Oops! Ouch! Very, very bad. Very, very good!
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