Donald Trump On Immigration

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 10/2016

Donald Trump has gone off the deep end. His latest idea is to follow President Eisenhower’s program Operation Wetback to deport non-citizens. Operation Wetback was a brutal deportation program that disregarded any human rights and needs and rounded up Mexicans like the Japanese in World War II. But instead of offering concentration camps with food and water, Operation Wetback dumped illegal Mexican back into Mexico without regard for their basic needs or basic rights as people or families.

What Trump and Republicans do not discuss is that it is their large political contributors who need the illegal immigrants to pick their crops and do the work that White Americans avoid doing.  That is why illegal immigration is all talk by Republicans and no action and nothing is ever done about the problem.

Now, why not agree on a plan for Citizenship for immigrants? It is the logical approach. In fact, we probably have a plan in place and all we have to do is follow it.

We could build a bigger fence along the Mexican border but what about the 1000’s of miles of Western and Eastern coastlines and the Canadian border. Don’t forget that those wanting to get into America can get a visa and plane ticket anytime and then just stay here. The fact is that immigration is how many of our ancestors got to America.

The talk about tough immigration measures only gets immigrants and Spanish Americans to vote for Democrats.  It is like Republicans opening their big mouths and talking tough to win their most conservative voters and campaign contributors while losing support of the growing immigrants and Spanish-Americans who decide national elections.

Yes, it is stupid. None of our politicians have won awards for intelligence lately. It seem that talking tough on immigration keeps people from talking tough about our do-nothing politicians.  Point noted.

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