Refugees, Generosity, Compassion, Love

REFUGEES, GENEROSITY, COMPASSION, LOVE ~ Gary Bahr and T. Rump, Trump By Trump, – 1/2017

Taking in Syrian refuges is our duty as part of the world community.

We cannot expect other nations to fight ISIS with us and then say to them, “Sorry friend that ISIS has created a huge refuge challenge for your country”,  but we want no part of that problem.

We must remember the region was destabilized during the last Bush administration. Many in the Middle East learned to hate us. I remember reading that our favorable image in the region went from 75% to 7% in those years. We made many mistakes. We left a vacuum that is being filled by ISIS.

Let’s take in 2000, 10,000, 100,000 refuges. Of course we will do a background check. Is it even possible a refuge we accept may turn against us like our citizens turning against us with their brand of terrorism in our malls, in our schools and Universities and in our theaters.

When the refuges get here, let’s show them what a great country we are. Let’s give the refuges something they can write home to their relatives about – like our generosity, compassion and love. Then, perhaps ISIS will have no new recruits that hate us.


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