Scott Walker

~ Gary Bahr

Run Scott Walker, Run!

2015 – Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is waiting for a call from God to run for President of the United States. He has been praying for a positive response.

Walker has done some good things for Wisconsin like saving taxpayers $5 on their property tax bills. Is that enough?

Walker divided Wisconsin into the good and the evil, but that is God’s job. Maybe Walker just means well.

God and Jesus are big Liberals. They love everyone. They want everyone to succeed, to be taken care of when care is needed, to be secure and able to pursue happiness. They love everyone including little children, gays, union workers, students, seniors, minorities and women.

Walker has harmed the little children and cut funds to children K-12, and wants to cut funding even more. He who harms little children won’t be getting a call from God or Jesus.

The Governor wants the states to decide issues like gay rights and abortion. If states could decide major issues many of us would still be working for less than the current federal minimum wage, be slaves, pay poll taxes to vote and be segregated in schools, housing and restaurants.

Under Walker, schools and colleges would become private institutions and school loans and grants would become history. Only the rich could send their kids to college.

Walker’s immigration plan depends on who he is talking to.

Under Walker, medicare, medicaid, Senior Care, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security would be slashed. Your Social Security funds could be managed by big banks, insurance companies and stock brokers – who almost broke the country in the Big Bush Recession.

Scott Walker promised jobs for Wisconsin and divided Unions to get the attention of the Koch brothers, but gained few jobs. He cut the fast train from Milwaukee to Madison and we are stuck with the bills and no train and no jobs. He rejected Federal Funds for health care and denied many health care. He slashed budgets by getting some good state employees to retire early – and lost jobs. He cut $3 billion from the state budget, gave big tax breaks to the rich, and got a $3 billion dollar deficit. Go figure.

So, Scott Walker is testing the waters and running around the country exciting crowds that favor Conservative things – hoping to convert a Liberal God and a Liberal Jesus to his brand of Conservatism – so God will make a call to him.

Neither God or Jesus are paying attention. However, if Walker can get the backing of the Koch brothers, he may not need God’s help.

He may have to go over God’s head and decide to run for President on his own.

PS. Having failed to win support for a national office, Scott is now back in Wisconsin to make “Wisconsin Open for Corruption”.

PS. Today I ran into a couple from Minnesota. They thought I might be Garrison Keillor’s brother.  He said I must know he is from Minnesota as he had a big “M” on his hat. I guessed Mississippi. He said he was insulted as Mississippi was poor in education, etc.. I said you ought be from Wisconsin… we will be behind Mississippi with another year of Scott Walker and the Republicans. He agreed. Felt sorry for Wisconsin.  People are feeling sorry for us?! At least we have the Green Bay Packers!


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