Bible Inspired Words Inspire Other Books

~ R. U. Wacko

There are many good teachings in the Bible we would all be better off following. Thus the Bible is a great book. It is not the only great book. Every man can write a book. Some men can write great books. Some great men wrote the Bible. Some were inspired. Since the Bible, many have been inspired in their writings. Many have been inspired to write other great books

These books have inspired other books.

Many can claim to be prophets thousands of years ago when the Old and New Testaments were written. This year, thousands will claim to be prophets. Thank God for our wisdom to think for ourselves to accept, modify or reject the teachings and writings of many who take every word in the Bible as gospel, so to speak.

I would have a great deal of mental difficulty living by all those words. It is more important to develop an understanding of the whole, than to try to live by every page.

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