~ R. U. Wacko

You work out your faith today. Maybe tomorrow it changes a little or a lot! Who can say that your faith is wrong or right? Who can say that yesterday’s faith is less true or more true than today’s? Faith is a gift. To some it is a bigger gift than it is to others. Many can survive on less faith. Others need a heavy dose every day to cope with this world.

Let every one have all the faith they need or as little as they need. Let me have my faith. I will not try to modify your faith if you do not try to modify mine. But, if you want to adopt any part or all of my faith, you may have it. For me religion is defined as what ever a man wants to believe. We can change our religion. We can change religions. A man wants to believe in the truth. Sometimes it is hard to verify the truth. Faith is needed for faith.

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