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Thank God I am not a homosexual. I do not understand why anyone is a homosexual. I got an angry distortion on the subject from my conservative minister friend in his view. I sat and listened. To him anyone gay could not be a Christian because of certain teachings in the days of Abraham and a few lines in the New Testament. He mentioned some of his colleagues may disagree.

He said that being homosexual was the mark of Cain. I chuckled a little. He said, “I am serious”. I said that when I was a Morman, they said being black was the mark of Cain. I said which is it? He said, “I do not know”.

After minutes, I asked, “Do you think Jesus would forgive someone for being homosexual?” I was almost amazed when he said, “I suppose He does.” I said, “There you have it!”

If God forgives him, why shouldn’t I forgive him? Why should I even let myself worry about someone being a homosexual if it is up to God to judge. Judge not lest you be judged. So how do I reconcile that a minister does not accept someone, does not forgive someone, if we believe God will forgive and it is Godly and Christian to so forgive and to to accept someone as they are.

I suspect the first caveman created their gods out of a lack of knowledge about the forces of nature, the mystery of the Sun and Moon; and a need to blame something for their problems. I do feel that Adam in the Garden of Eden, alone, did not want to blame himself for any difficulty he had so he worshiped God, a god he could credit for good and blame for evil. And when Adam sinned, be blamed his spouse. Sound typical? And when some men or women claimed that God was good, and goodness was blameless; they created the Devil to blame for evil.

I blame man for hate and anger, divorce and murder, for aids and cancer, for the common cold, for the poor and homeless, for war. And, I credit man for most good that occurs in the world we know as earth.

I was saying that I thought religion was less prevalent in our lives because it does not fit into our two parent working families schedule. TV has replaced our Sunday media of entertainment. I feel Sunday use to be when everyone went to town for socializing at church and seeing what was happening. And, showing off a new dress.

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