Reading The Bible Arouses Curiosity


~ R. U. Wacko

About faith, Christianity, God. The U.S. Constitution and First Amendment guarantee us freedom of religion. It would have been better if they guaranteed us freedom from religion. Actually it does that too! Most religions do more harm than good. The good can come from the socialization of members, and can even teach love, acceptance, understanding. But if it teaches fear of God and pay ten percent of your income or else be excluded from heaven, be careful.

The Bible upon which Christianity is based is filled with events of slaughter by God, myth, fables, and the devil. It is fine to read it. It is fine to memorize nice verses. But do not pattern your life after it if it preaches harm. Few of us have read the whole Bible. It is not that exciting of reading. It can be a guide. The familiar verses are often something we can lean on. I have always been disturbed by a Father offering his son as a sacrifice to save other people from their sins. As a young lad, I hoped that my Dad would never plan or allow me to be hung on a cross just to help others with their sins.

I note that the creation story is the same or similar in many tribal beliefs and many ancient myths. And God made man in his image…. If God is perfect, therefore a man made by God in God’s image would be perfect also. I questioned why man than turned against his creator and ate the forbidden fruit? I will not tear down all the stories in the Bible for there are many verses worth noting. We can argue all we want about religion. It boils down to emotionalism verses reason. Perhaps the best reason to believe in God is that it helps many people psychologically.

Don’t know if God is male or female. Do you? In Church we often learn of a God who is to be feared and who gets mean with us if we don’t blindly believe. Thus in life we learn to fear God and we then get angry with Him if things don’t go right. I say, love your god and do not waste your energy being angry with your god.

In every book of the Bible, the author creates for us the god he sees. So can you. You can write a book today about the god you like. Make your god responsible for everything that happens if you do not want the responsibility for life. You could blame the bad things on God and praise God for the good things. Many do.

If faith is the only requirement for salvation, as Jesus taught, our believing in our God is easier. You can even become a believer the day before you die if you know when you are going to die (and many do). Now that is making believing easy.

Obviously, wealth is not a sure ticket into heaven. If all we have to do is believe, we can save our tithing dollars for our casket or Pyramid. All we have to do is just believe in the last minutes. ?

Finding inspiration in any Bible passage or book of the Bible is easy for us to do.

The good makes the Bible the Good Book. Those passages that lead others to do bad, make any book bad. Whether a book is good or bad does not mean that it was written by a prophet, rather it is more likely every one is their own prophet who writes.

Want a God of Love. The God is Love theory is mine. I will make my god in that image. It is my free will to do so. Those who believe otherwise, may do so with my blessing as long as they do not impose their will on me. As we define God, we choose our god. We do not do this to deny God as we merely choose our way to conceive of Him.

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