The Bible

~ R. U. Wacko

The Bible, like all books, was written by men – men who had dreams and inspirations, men who were leaders and men who were writers at the time. The Bible is the most purchased book and like Jurassic Park was the best selling movie. Both works are fact and fiction. The Bible is the least read book of all time. We all acquire one or more copies and get one out when the minister stops by or when we have a hard time dealing with a life’s event.

Those who have read the Bible pick out a menu of things they like to support, what they want to believe, some good quotes and teachings. Jesus, said some great things. He did live. He was hung on the cross. That is true and supported in history and the lack of denial by writers during his times and years after. There is no written record in those earlier days when Jesus lived that a historian claimed he did not live. He probably died on the cross. Whether he rose from the dead or the grave or was robbed by his followers and his body hidden we do not know for sure. He probably did not go to South America to appear before the Indians as the Book of Mormon claims.

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