The Bible

~ R. U. Wacko

The Bible is the word of God, so proclaims my friend. But so might be this book. This book is by my spirit. Perhaps all books are inspired by God. Was Abraham any more a prophet than I? Was anyone more prophet than I? Or you? I don’t know. I believe the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls are accounts, chapters, books in the lives of various authors that provide some a good history of dealings with God and a damn good account of the teachings of Jesus. I don’t think it has to be more than that. I think today their are just as many so called written articles predicting acts of evil and mayham caused by an angry or loving God as there are prophets writing the same thing 2000 years ago. I believe their are prophets today writing, books, and chapters praising God for some of the good things and miracles that take place today. I can choose to believe or not believe the writings and preachings of doomsday or miracles, blaming God or Praising God for all.

A prophet of old wrote of God’s wrath to scourge the earth, It is no different than Morman’s historic account of God sending seagulls to feast on the hoards of locust nagging the Mormans in Utah, or the grasshopper swarms that ate all the leaves off my bush one year. I could have blamed God for being angry at me and punishing me, but I never thought of blaming God.

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