Wisdom and Mental Health

~ R. U. Wacko

Wisdom recognizes a problem and deals with the problem. If you bury your head in the sand and hope a problem goes away you are wrong. Get your head together. Get the family to family counseling. Most every problem has a solution. If you can’t get beyond the hurdles, you can’t make the jump to a solution.

Thinking sees the problem. Expect difficulty and say it can be done. Positive thinking recognizes the problem, welcomes the challenge, and finds a solution – often. The other people in your life may see the problem more clearly and may be right that you need help. You may not know it. Realizing the value of another’s opinion will let you live a richer life.

Many people with depression will not show it in front of others outside their immediate family. They can be mean and hateful and ugly and when the doorbell rings answer the door as the finest person you could meet. This only proves to me that they do often have control over their behavior. When their depression is bad enough, they may lose control no matter who is around.

There are little ways to make yourself a happier person. Smiling is one. Smile, you will look better. Smile, it will make you feel better. Learn to bring yourself to a quick smile. Just developing the smile muscle is good. People will think you are happy. Smiling brings out the positive. An expression of joy will bring out the best in any person, help you cope with many difficulties in life when you face others. I know, because a smile can win my heart.

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