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I had to face my brother’s death and my Mother’s and my stepfather’s and my Dad’s death. I had a time accepting Mom’s death and my brother’s. I had to attend all their funerals. Never liked a funeral.

My brother had died of cancer. He handled supplies in the Viet Nam war. Suspect he was exposed to agent orange. 

My Mom had went down South to see my brother’s widow, Mary ( My brother had died of Cancer a year before ). When Mom came back home she had swelled-up like a balloon. I said something has to be wrong. She thought it was the humidity down South or that she ate too much on a cruise. She went into the Oregon clinic and they rushed her off to the hospital and soon she was full of cancer and in the hospital for a month and then off to my brother Ken’s home for her last few weeks. I never felt so helpless in my life. 

Six months later, the doctors thought my son had Cancer. I said it was mathematically impossible. I would not accept that. Not all this can happen to me. I didn’t do that much wrong for God to give several of my family cancer. Ended up that my son had a severe Mono tumor and within 20 minutes of that good news, and while celebrating in the hospital room, I get a call that my step-father had a severe heart attack and EMS was taking him to the hospital where machines would keep him alive a dozen hours.

I said O.K. God, what do you want from me? It is hard to know. If I made promises to God to not take anyone else in my family, I forgot.

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