Marriage Should Be More Difficult

~ R. U. Wacko

Marriage should be more difficult. Divorce should be easier. The man and the woman should have to pass an IQ test and psychological test and a sexual compatibility test. 

Beginning with the wedding ceremony, I believe a man and woman should be alone when they get married. That means they should not invite the 200 people, the mother’s and fathers and everyone else – the hell with tradition. Fewer people at the wedding means fewer witnesses. When the wedding fails, you do not feel like you have to give back all those toasters. A small wedding should be, the couple, an official and a tower – a tower to get a better view of things before making the final commitment.

I like the idea of a small wedding, very personal, cheaper. Save the big wedding cost and make a down payment on a house. Ask the parents to give you cash and forget the big wedding.

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