Midlife Crisis

~ R. U. Wacko

I believe that some people want a change in their lives. Some in their 40’s, some in their 50’s and some in their 60’s. They want or hope for other opportunities. There are sane, normal and sexy women in this world. There are sane, normal and sexy men. Everyone deserves that in a spouse. Everyone deserves happiness. Sometimes you have to risk everything for the opportunity.

If you are locked into a bad marriage and have the opportunity for the woman of your dreams – it is likely you will rationalize divorce and move on. When you are sick and tired enough of your situation, you will do something. Someone once told me that. When you begin to think you cannot do anything to correct the problem with a spouse, you will be more willing to go off by yourself.

Many will suffer indecision for years before making another decision. You fear the outcome. You fear what the kids will think. You fear what the public will think.

When you believe all women have mental problems, you start at a disadvantage to find a normal woman. For years I did not even look or imagine there were normal women. My Grandma was considered the exception until I was over forty years old. Decades were wasted with women who did not appreciate me and had no clue what love is all about.

I could not change them. Tried logic – did not work. It seemed to me that all women were very emotional. “All women are crazy” was my usual response to the ways of women. I even teased my daughter to get a sex change before it was too late. That joking hurt her.

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