Trump 2.0 Inconsistency Still Dominates

TRUMP 2.0 INCONSISTENCY STILL DOMINATES ~~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 4-15-2017

There is little consistent about President Trump. And, you are not hearing much about the Trump / Russian Campaign. There is a major distraction or there is a learning curve for a President.

Certainly his old Tweets were not working

A missile strike on Syria contrast with his America First campaign.

Chinese currency valuation is now O.K. as long as the Chinese help with the big Korean nuclear problem.

Dropping our big bomb on Afghanistan is new and worldly.

The Export-Import Bank “actually makes money,” and helps U.S. companies.

NATO is no longer obsolete after only a couple months in office. What a man!

No strategy is the strategy. So maybe nothing has changed and tomorrow Trump may return to His past ways.

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