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Violence in America is increasing every year. Why? We have learned to deal inappropriately with others. There is little effort in our schools to teach us otherwise i.e. to understand each other, to accept and to learn how to appropriately cope with the actions, reactions and in-actions of other people.

A few years ago 8 people were killed in Great Britain by handguns, 10,728 were killed in the U.S.  In our country we see killing as the instant solution on our TV screen almost every day. And if we kill enough people or make the murder more spectacular than the last headline, we too can be on the news. The last generation was raised on Viet Nam war scenes flashed on TV for 10 years. Now the killing is in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

We become immune to the death and violence and that is why it is reaching epidemic proportions.

When I was a kid and the Lone Ranger or Roy Rogers shot someone all you saw was the victim falling. Now, you see the bullet in slow motion tearing thru a body and splashing blood on the wall.

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