Trump Failure “Huge, Very, Very Big”!


~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 4-27-17

As President Donald Trump approaches His first 100 days He is noted for making noise, issuing mostly proclamations to undo all of President Obama’s heritage, demanding credit when not due, and blaming Obama, the Tooth Fairy or the evil press for his failures.

Meanwhile He was golfing at His golf courses and resorts at great expense to taxpayers.

He did name Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, but it was Senate leader Mitch McConnell who changed the Senate Rule that got Gorsuch nominated.

Trump did fire 59 missiles at a deserted airport in Syria and drop the Biggest Bomb in Afghanistan which got the pressure of the Press off the Trump/Russian collusion election.

More and more Trump campaign promises have been disowned by Trump, reversed by Him or forgotten by Him.

All the above may be reflected in His worse favorable rating of Presidents in the first 100 days since Eisenhower and modern day polling.

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