Are Our Politicians Borderline or Wacko?

Are Our Politicians Borderline or Wacko?

~ By Gary Bahr for BahrWorks

I have no classification for normal politicians. You must decide.

CITIZENS UNITED – U.S. Supreme Court rules corporations are humans and can donate to political campaigns. Are they wacko?  If corporations are humans they should be executed, killed when they do wrong. Look out AT&T, Exxon etc. Help reverse Citizens United!

TAX THE RICH – When I was born in the 40’s, millionaires were taxed 90% of income over $1,000,00 dollars. Let’s go back to that. If the rich do not want to pay the tax, they can hire more employees, improve their factory, give more to charity. The idea of lowering taxes to the rich to get more employment or factories is not working. Seems when the tax is low we have had the worse of times for employment and manufacturing.

REPUBLICANS REDISTRICTING OF WISCONSIN TO FAVOR REPUBLICANS is under attack for favoring keeping Republicans in power. Republican maverick Senator Dale Schultz was in favor of an Iowa-like nonpartisan panel to handle redistricting. One would think that that would be automatic.

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