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I BELIEVE by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr and Others

I believe in the creation of the universe.  The Universe is my proof.

I cannot define the Creator. There is only one creator we can call Allah, Buddha, God, Jehovah or The Great Spirit. I think each man makes God in his image and that my God is no better than another.

I believe we have a right to worship or not worship as we wish and those who do so in secret are rewarded in secret.

I believe all men and women are created equal and have an inner knowledge of right and wrong; that such Revelation is in all of us; and that the equality of man and human spirituality in man is the best hope for world peace and for the future of mankind.

I believe in evolution as a law of nature that benefits creations – even myself. I evolve every day. You evolve every day. Species evolve every day. Evolution does not prove or disprove the creation, but certainly counts for a lot of update creations.

The Universe may have begun by a super intelligence, a chemical reaction, a biological mutation, evolution and all of the above.

I believe in an open mind…a mind open to change and understanding, tolerant and free of prejudice.

I believe the Bible contains many words of great wisdom, symbolism and metaphors written by many authors; and can serve as and has served as a good guide to many. Every author feels inspired. Some authors write inspiring words.

I believe the Ten Commandments offer a moral code that all the great religions seem to accept;and that the moral teachings attributed to Jesus are the best code for a good and happy life. The divineness of His code of love, respect, mercy, equality, justice, benevolence and tolerance is more important than questions of His birth, His divinity, His life, His death and His resurrection. That Jesus lived, was a great teacher, and was crucified are truths I accept. I question everything else. Questions of His Divinity and Resurrection will be studied forever and will never be proved certain or false to everyone.

I believe my God loves me and can intervene on my behalf. At least I think he can.  Such faith is good for my mental health. Faith in self or fellow man or Jesus’ teachings or God is far better than believing in nothing. Better to have hope and love and faith than to go without these things. Better to be thankful for all things than to be ungrateful for all things. Better to give your problems up to your God or a friend or the wind than to hold them in. The psychology of belief and prayer and thankfulness and giving up problems and religion helps some.

I believe that the greatest force in the world is Love. Jesus teaches that “God is Love” and that we should “Love one another”. If God is nothing but love, this is enough for me. Love can heal and perform miracles, comfort and overcome fears, change our thoughts and our lives, absorb our problems, change others, and make peace possible on earth. Love does not hate. Love does not make war. Love is respect, benevolence and tolerance for all. Love conquers all. When we can all say to each other – “God loves you and so do I” or simply say “I love all of you, all of mankind” – there will be Peace on Earth.

I believe that doing good works is the best service to man. Salvation and grace is found in the satisfaction obtained from doing good works, from being respectful of beliefs of others, in demanding justice where wrongs occur, in forgiving others, in being benevolent to all, and in welcoming our differences in race, color, sex, age, sexual preference, religion or political creed.

I believe in the future,hope and love, reason and faith, experiment and evolution, benevolence and tolerance, and human spirituality and goodness.

It is not for us to impose our way on others. Rather we must accept and understand our differences and welcome the possibilities of our common beliefs and needs. We must open communication with all cultures and religions in our world.

I believe that when we die, we will live forever in others we touched. I like the world I live in and hope to improve it a little. Of course, I hope for happiness after this life.

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