On War

ON WAR by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr and Others

Bush and Chaney wanted war in Iraq. The people of the U.S. and the people in Iraq did not want this illegal war. Intelligent leaders worldwide could not justify war for revenge, oil or Halliburton contracts.

Lies were offered as proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Inspectors had found no such weapons. Saddam, who we setup as dictator of Iraq, was not good, but was not part of 9/11. We had disarmed him thru the U.N. and thus we could easily win a battle.

Yes, we should have tracked down Osama bin Laden – which was finally done under President Obama.

But we forgot a great lesson in history – that no nation can occupy another for long. King George, in 1776, sent 20,000 troops to put down violence and defeat the American “insurgents”. The insurgents won over time.

President Bush called the bombing of Iraq – “Shock and Awe.” 3000 Americans killed and 20,000 wounded deserve better. 100,000 plus innocent men, women and kids killed in Iraq and the 500,000 plus dead by our prior sanctions created millions in Iraq and the Middle-East who now hate us.

As a nation, we should only go to war in self-defense, under real threat or with U.N. forces.

See  TheWise Prophet et al at GaryBahr.com.

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