Separation Of Church and State

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr and Others

It is the right of all in America to practice their own religion the way they want and I would never give up that right for a State sanctioned, State mandated or Republican or Democrat or Jew or Muslim or Catholic or Protestant or Majority telling me what prayer to say or what church to attend or what to believe. Our founders (Tom Jefferson – my hero) intended that the State not setup a religion for us in any way, but welcome all faiths of each of us. Jesus accepted even those of little faith. I love it!

The Courts have re-enforced separation of the church and state and our right to freedom of religion for each of us – not for a minority, not even for the majority, but for each of us. That is far more important than any specific prayer of any faith leading any meeting or “our” commandments being posted anywhere. The rights of the majority cannot be allowed to dictate our individual beliefs. What if the majority believes in 3 Gods, or abortion or war and I believe in 1 God, adoption and thou shall not kill.

Religion in England 300 years ago drove freedom-loving Christians to America. Religion in Germany during Hitler or in Russia the past 60 years or in Afghanistan under the Taliban may not be pretty when Government dictated what the people must believe.

No one is telling us not to pray or praise God or honor the commandments or to not believe. That is a beautiful thing. Jesus says pray in secret and be rewarded in secret. Separation of Church & State re-enforces that beautiful principal and does not force a prayer or a belief on another. Everyone in America is not a white-god-fearing-Christian. Everyone is not a Protestant or Catholic or Morman or Jew. Each of us has our own prayer and beliefs. Are you ready to give up your beliefs for a majority in Wisconsin or the Midwest or United States or the World? I welcome Jews, Muslims, Mormans and even Athiests to pray in secret and be rewarded in secret with me, or to not pray.

And, under these principals – no one has been more richly rewarded than I and the United States.

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