Change: Reality Bumps Wall

CHANGE: REALITY BUMPS WALL ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 2-2017

President Trump promised change and in His first few weeks as President, He has built a wall.

Much is His own doing and much is our Constitution and the reality that change comes slowly in an atmosphere of Washington D.C., the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the Democratic Party.

Change for Obama was frustrating. Change for Trump is frustrating. Immigration change – stalled. The Wall – stalled. The Affordable Care Act repeal – delayed.

Some success in pulling out of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement and clearing the way for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. The TPP trade agreement had not gone into effect.

Trump’s new reality is that he is not now getting his way in all things. Learning that is hard for this man. He cannot just open His mouth and get his way. He, alone, cannot fix it.

Conning His way through a campaign is much easier than demanding His way in the Office of the President.

Trump would make a better Dictator than President. His personality fits. But the country is not His business. The country makes the rules, and He promised to support the Constitution and carry out the Laws of The Country.

It would be easier if He was humble. He needs to work with Democrats and get bi-partisan support first.

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