Extreme Vetting of Nominees

EXTREME VETTING OF NOMINEES ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 2-2017

The truth is there never was a problem with the vetting of immigrants.

Trump created a problem on the campaign trail and said only he could fix it.

Really, it is easy to fix an imaginary non-problem. You do not need an executive order. You do not need all the hoopla. You do not need to play on the fears of the voters.

And, if a vetting procedure ever needs fixing, that can be done with a simple change in procedure adjustment.

It is up to the courts to control our President when his aides, his political party and Republican politicians seem to lack any ability to stand up to President Trump.

Now, the latest seems to be that Trump believes the courts have no control over him because each branch of government is equal. Does He really think there are no controls over Him? He will find out that two branches of government – the courts and Congress – have controls.

If he does not obey court orders, he can be impeached.

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