Fake News = 3.5 Million Illegal Voters

FAKE NEWS = 3.5 MILLION ILLEGAL VOTERS ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

At first it was 3 million illegal voters and only Trump knew who they were. If anyone questions our leader, he will only find more alternative facts to support his all-knowing position, so now it is 5 million.

One has to wonder how Trump knew these 5 million voters voted for Hillary? Maybe they voted for him. Were these dead people, Mexicans, Muslims?

Who were these people? We need not question who they were. They are not real even if some people believe it.

We need to question who is Trump? He is now your news provider – everyone else must shut-up.

What is wrong with Trump? He is a classic narcissistic personality – a  mental health disorder. It explains everything.

See TRUMP at  GaryBahr.com


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