Tough Immigration Enforcement Hurts


Dictators like to make the Jews or the Mexicans, or the Muslims or the press the enemy of the people. It keeps the people from focusing the Dictator as the enemy.

President Trump’s administration is clamping down on Mexicans and Muslims with aggressive enforcement of immigration laws including potentially massive expansion of the number of people deported.

Perhaps forgotten are the Mexican immigrants who are needed to run our big farms and companies especially in jobs other white citizens prefer not to do for us.

For some, I fear, the desire for an all white America may underly the new emphasis on enforcement of laws that have been ignored due to the lack of a comprehensive immigration policy.

Much is unclear about the new directives and their need if customary practices will be left in place and all rules will not be enforced. The uncertainty will many confused and the certainty will leave others fearful.
A comprehensive immigration policy is needed from Congress to clarify all issues.
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